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I guess I should update the latest adventures of my life.  My husband and I separated in July.  I sold the house, got out of debt, moved into a nice apartment with my son and had been at peace ever since.  I have no one calling me names for fun any longer.  I have no one making me feel worthless.  I love my self and I know I am worthy to have a man love me the way I love him!

Life is awesome right now.  I created a blog website at www.mybody-mytemple.com  where I will begin showing how I put my pieces back together with Gods’ help.  Tomorrow I plan to start Hip Hop Abs up because that program WORKS!!! I want my tummy to be half gone by the new year!

This Week I did…

I really wanted to cut my hair into a short bob thinking that will help it grow and then I smacked myself and cut my wig into a wavy bob instead. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Currently I do not have my digital camera. I bought a really nice point and shoot camera but I always have to charge it up! I guess I will have to settle for my cell phone for now.

I put a relaxer in two days ago. My hair has been shedding a lot. It has been breaking off in the back too. Really short. But I refuse to cut it. I did cut my hair a little after my relaxer but nothing like what I normally do.

Today I am sitting here with a plastic cap because I am doing a prepoo. I will cowash my hair tomorrow. I’m going to go back dark brown again too. I hate having my roots show and in the back, I hardly have any color showing through..so it looks odd to me.

me with a plastic cap on my hair

I also bought a few wigs yesterday so I can put my hair up and just really don’t touch it for the next 2 months.

Showing a short wig

I know…I look like Martins mother!

side view of the short wig

I like it better from the side view.

Here is another wig I bought. This one looks so good in person. Looks sort of like how I wore my hair back in 2011

showing medium length wig

side view of my medium length wig

I guess that is the only update I have for hair. I really hope to grow my hair out this next year. November 2016, I want to have past my shoulders at least. But I need to stay consistent and show what I am doing. I am learning that I do not succeed much unless I am documenting or journal what I am doing.

It’s been 1 Year!

That really went way too fast. I haven’t kept any type of log of what I did with my hair. I went through some household changes and I think I may have cut my hair in the process. All I know right now today is that my hair is shorter than my last length check I did last December/January.

As a result, here I am trying again to do exactly what I did last year to have that amazing hair growth. I plan to use the same exact products with the exception of Shakeology. I honestly believe Beachbody Shakeology is the key to my success last time but I want to see for sure. Until then, I am saving out some money to purchase Shakeology in 2 months….January. It will be my Christmas present to myself.

It’s March Already?

Goodness, it’s been so long that I forgot my user name/password. I am planning to relax my hair today. I usually do texlax. I like my hair thick but my hair breaks off when it is natural or close to natural. I love natural hair though but I can’t seem to figure out how I can have mine natural without breakage.

When was the last time I had a relaxer? I think November. So it looks like I can go 4 months before my hair start shedding and breaking off.

I have been wearing braids for February. Just simple french braids with extensions. Nothing fantastic to really share except for when I got my hair professionally braided. I had to take them out after only 1 week because I feared my hairline was pulling too much.

I really liked it but the stylist said she had to put a lot of gel on my hair because that style was for freshly relaxed hair. I wish she had told me because I could have gotten goddess braids instead.

That was my second time going to that shop. I found another shop that doesn’t braid so tightly and plan to get my hair braided there monthly.

I may hold off on the relaxer and just color my hair dark brown instead. My grey is starting to come in strong.

I’ll post a picture for my length check so far. I think it is now officially shoulder length….Yay!!! I’ll take it!

November Hair Products

Image of New Year

In November I launched this blog with high hopes.  I never imaged I would have such great hair growth.  That was a surprise.  I believe the hair growth came from the following products below:


I used this oil A LOT!!!  I basically used Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Pure Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Biotin pills (I broke then open to put in the oil), and a squirt of garlic seed oil.

I also made this Stress Relief Tea my staple for drinking once a day.

Image of Tea Box


I also put MSM powder in my hair conditioner to use as a deep conditioner.


Image of Hair Products GE DIGITAL CAMERA


I had a green smoothie several times in November/December. I will not say I drank a smoothie a day because I didn’t.


Image of Green Smoothie in Blender


I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and met a really nice young lady who told me about mixing biotin, water, and vitamin E together and place in a spray bottle.  I would spray my scalp the night before I planned to wash my hair and placed a shower cap and scarf over my head over night with oil on my ends of course.


Image of Hair Products


And I had this specific Shakeology recipe throughout November/December.


Image of Shakeology and Food


I loved this conditioner and used it on a regular basis for cowashing.

Image of Hair Products

I also did my first baking soda shampoo wash.  My hair felt so soft after.










And that is about it!!!  I got a little relaxed in December once I got those wigs, but I NEED to do better if I plan to grow my hair out this year.  I didn’t have any hair growth in December.  I also stopped doing the things I did in November as well as ran out of my oils.  I’m going to the store today and will get the same products again for January.




Time to Put the Wig Away

image of my current hair style

Since I bought my wigs, I got real lazy with my hair again.  I found myself yesterday thinking about cutting it into a short bob.  Then I smacked myself and put the scissors away.  My goal is to allow my hair to GROW this year.  As a result, I put a relaxer in and then used a blow dryer a great friend sent me for Christmas! I curled my hair and for the night, used satin rollers to set my hair over night.  I have no idea how my hair will turn out because I just did my 21 minute workout and this DVD is crazy.  I sweat like I’ve never sweated before during a workout.

Well, this is where I am right now.  I will admit, I trimmed some of my hair to even it out just a touch.  I honestly did not cut an inch off this time.  Just a little snippet of hair.

image of ultra sheen hair relaxer kit


As the picture shows, my hair grows uneven.  I don’t know if it is the bob I had from late 2013 through 2014 or if this is just how my hair grows at this length.  My hair hasn’t been above shoulder length since the late 90s.  Back then I didn’t care for my hair at all, I just did it and went to work.  So maybe my hair grows out this way.  Either way it makes me annoyed so I trimmed it a little.  It is still uneven after the trim but not as much.

Image of back view of hair length


I wanted to try a new conditioner until I find one that I really like.  I LOVED the coconut water conditioner I used last month.  I am thinking this will be a great product too.

Image of hair conditioner


My new hair dryer!  Thank you SummerAnn!!!  🙂

Image of my New Hair Dryer


My hair for New Years Eve.


image of my current hair style GE DIGITAL CAMERA


I ran out of oils for my hair and really need to create more.  My next post will be the products I used in the oil that I believe made my hair grow so quickly in November.

This is UNREAL!!!!

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to his office Christmas party so I decided to wait this week and just do my hair at one time.  I have 5 more days before I originally planned to blow dry and flat iron my hair to see what my growth looks like but I did it today.  I wanted to make sure my hair looked okay for tomorrow and I can easily create two strand twist or something cute with the satin rollers.

I am amazed at my results.  Here are the pictures.


Let me remind you of the after affects of my “trim” on Nov 18th.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Myluvmyhair365

And what my hair looked like before my messed up “trim”.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA luvmyhair365

and let’s not forget how much I cut off by accident.


I will NEVER disrespect my hair ever again.  I absolutely LUV MY HAIR EVERY SINGLE DAY and from the looks of it, my hair LUVS me back!!!

If you would like me to create a post strictly on the products I believe grew my hair out in 25 days, let me know and I’ll create the post!

I’m still in shock, this was my hair status on November 25th.  Just 17 days ago!


Length Check

I am now in week 3 and can say I am getting a real relationship with my hair.  I am noticing a really nice change with my hair.  After I cowash or even use shampoo, my hair isn’t tangled up and hair to comb through.  I have always used the same combs yet it is a very different experience now.

I’m not sure if it is noticeable in my pictures but I see a difference in the length at my shoulders.

I didn’t have anyone to take my pictures and I washed my measurement shirt so this is what I have right now.

image of hair length for week 3 GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Here are images when I cut my hair.

image of hair length check

Image of hair length check

I am so tempted to blow dry and curl my hair but I will wait the 30 days I said I would wait for.

Pink Cold Wave Rod Set

Note: this was in my drafts from December 2014. I have no idea where I was trying to go with this post. It’s all over the place.

I decided to try the cold wave rod set again.  This time I used a larger roller.  Below is the style I have in mind to try to create.  I think this could be a great style for a few days with low maintenance.


pink cold wave rod set






As I cleaned out my digital camera, I found old pictures of my hair.  This picture was taken on June 6, 2014

Hair in June 2014

I really should have appreciated my hair back then.  It had grown out a lot after I cut it in March.  Shaking my head.

Well, I started doing JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie cleanse about a week later and well….my hair really loves fruits and veggies!  This picture was taken June 22, 2014.

hair growth June 2014

Wowsers!!!  That is some nice hair growth in just 16 days.  I think I need to do JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse again before Christmas.  I haven’t been able to complete the entire 10 days after the first time so if I do it this time, this will be a milestone.